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And if you decide to compete, why not compete against yourself? Not everyone that visits your site will want to stay. Maybe they are a prime customer and your site is driven towards the special finance market, or vice versa. Building a second marketing site to cover all angles can drive more leads to your Dealership. We have several applications that are suitable for special finance or prime portals. Bottom line: Compete against yourself.

Our second marketing site package includes the following:

  • Secondary Marketing Site or Lead Generation Portal
  • No cookie cutter templates
  • Inventory integration. Allows users to easily navigate inventory and be presented with additional offers
  • Full website and email hosting. We can configure and host all of your @dealership.com email addresses
  • Full unlimited use of "The Console", Mutual Auto Media's website lead manager and website editor
  • Initial search engine optimization "SEO"

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Addional Comments:

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